Wednesday, 6 January 2016

a delicious remedy drink for flu

G daid he was coming down with the flu the other day. In my head I began to mentally prepare for phrases that might sound remotely sympathetic as the title 'MAN-FLU' flashed across my mind..
My husband is actually pretty good about not making a fuss in all honesty. He once sat through his nose being re-set without any pain relief and never even let out a groan.

I'm pretty cold when it comes to illness. Perhaps this is in part down to the fact that when I was growing up, very often if I complained of being ill, I was met with -"well, you'll either die or get better". Thanks Mummy!

Over the years,my mother has mellowed and become a lot more of a softy, particularly with the grand-kids. One thing she's always been good at is coming up with all sorts of weird and wonderful natural remedies. such as garlic sandwiches and bathing in the urine of 5 white unicorns at midnight.... Jokes. But seriously.  Had she lived in the dystopian world of district 12 she'd have been a healer for sure.

So the new remedy she's backing recently, is the following:

1 tps of fresh ground/mashed ginger - you can use the root or this tube one I found but it must be fresh.
juice of one lemon
fruit juice drink - I found pomegranate/cranberry juice worked best
1/2 tsp of cinamon

To make - mix the lemon juice and ginger in a mug or glass, fill the rest of the way with juice, heat for 2 mins in microwave/ on hob till hot but not boiling. Mix in the cinnamon till well combined. 

Hey presto - a very tasty, punch-like drink with big health benefits.

Until my mum told me about it, I had no idea how good ginger was for you. When I read a bit more on it I found out that - "The major active ingredients in ginger are terpenes (quite similar to the chemical action of turpentine) and an oleo-resin called ginger oil. These two, and other active ingredients in ginger, provide antiseptic, lymph-cleansing, circulation-stimulating, and mild constipation relief qualities along with a potent perspiration-inducing action that is quite effective in cleansing the system of toxins." - a quote from '10 Essential Herbs' author Lalitha Thomas.

Give it a go... we've actually started drinking it every day! It's THAT yummy!

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