Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Alien number bonds

Chick 1 has started learning her number bonds to 10 and 20. As a way to help her practice at home, I dug out an old game I made  a few years ago when teaching in year 1. It was a real hit.

It's called -  Alien Number Bond Bingo! Each player gets a board with numbers up to 10, you take it in turns turning over a number card. If it makes a number bond to 10 with a number from your board you get a rocket for the alien to blast him back to his home planet! 

Chick 1 has inherited both mine and G's competitive streak, so there were a few rounds in which she didn't win and she totally stormed off!! 

When I was teaching it in school, I made a display to help re-enforce it with the kids each day. They used to take it in turns coming up to get the right card to complete the number bond sentence (which were velcro so they could be changed every day).

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