Saturday, 30 January 2016

Body Tracing Art

A few weeks ago I picked up a large roll of lining paper from B&Q as I've nearly run out of the left over rolls of old wallpaper I had. We've done lots of large artwork using it - a particular life saver during the summer holidays when I needed something to keep the little chicks busy for a while. 

Today we ended up doing some body tracing art. 

WI started by tracing around their bodies with a dark marker pen.

They were totally fascinated by the shape their body had made and how big it looked on the ground.

I got out their drawing box which included gel pens, colouring pencils, felt tips and water colour paints. Then their set to work drawing on their faces and outlining where they thought their clothes were. Chick 3 just enjoyed being able to scribble and mark make on a really large scale. He kept trying to 'help' the others too!

Chick 2 did his usual thing and was very careful about detail. He put lots of effort into the sleeves of his t-shirt. While chick 1 focused on the facial features and design of her skirt.

I loved watching them work away.I always find it interesting watching the way each of them work so differently.

Chick 1 loved using the paints. The experience of dipping the paintbrush into the water and mixing it into the colour was really fascinating to him.

We left it here for the day... I think we might save them again for another day and try finishing them with some more paints and material.

HERE is a little video of the little session.

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