Friday, 15 January 2016

Green day

This week while preparing some snacks for the kids, I realised I'd picked out all green items. This gave me an idea - why not have a GREEN themed activity day. Chick 2 knows his colours pretty well by now, but I figured it's always good to do a bit of consolidation :)

We ended up going on a 'green objects hunt' - looking for anything from around the house that had the colour green on it.

We looked at the primary colours we need to mix to get green. Then we painted things that we could think of that are green - chick 2 painted grass and a bush. I've no idea what Chick 3's was, he just enjoyed painting his face most of the time. 

We made green water, which chick 3 splashed around in for ages!

Ate green food.

Made mint flavoured/green icing cupcakes for pudding.

My mind is now racing with which colour I should go for next!!

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