Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Making reading fun: A Messy Sensory Activity

Recently, I've been slightly worried about Chick 1's disengagement with reading. She seems to be totally dis-interested in reading. The other day I was reading an article about making reading multi-sensory, and it got my brain thinking about how I could spice things up a bit for Chick 1 to help engage her more. 

One of the things she LOVES doing is making potions. The other day, my monkey child (chick 3) who is not even 2 yet decided to put a full roll of toilet paper under the tap. Massive soggy mess. Me being me (massive hoarder), I kept it thinking I could use it for something. 

So here is how a soggy toilet roll turned into a tricky word hunt activity.

They mixed the tissue with water and food colouring.

While they were mixing away, I wrote a few tricky words on bottle tops I had collected with a permanent marker.

I asked the kids to hide the words in the mulch.

I then shouted out a tricky word and the kids took it in turns looking for the right word.

After saying no to a request by Chick 1 to stick her feet in it. I re-considered thinking how wonderful that squidgy sensation would be under their little feet. So I tipped it all out on an old waterproof table cloth. 

They loved this!! 

This was a lovely sensory activity with lots of language development opportunities for Chick 2 and a weird and wonderful reading challenge for Chick 1.

Chick 3 put one toe in the mulch and decided it was not for him. I'll try with him another day!

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