Thursday, 14 January 2016

Pasta towers - fine motor

Playdough is great for all kinds of things. Simply getting the children to squash it and mold it into different shapes is great for building up strength in their fingers and hands and improving fine motor movements.

Today, I decided to use some old coloured pasta that we'd used to make necklaces at a party to make towers. The playdough was a great base to put the kebab sticks into, then one we talked about the different things we could do with the pasta. Once I'd shown Chick 3 how to do it, they were away.

While Chick 2 focused on sorting his towers into colours and counting how many he had on each, Chick 3 simply focused on threading his onto the sticks - that was challenge enough for him!!

This kind of activity lends itself to loads of variations - we've used beads and cheerios before too. We also tried creating repeating patters by changing the colour of the pasta that was threaded each time.

EYFS Links
Development Matters

Physical Development: Moving and Handling
Picks up small objects between thumb and fingers

Mathematics: Numbers

•Counts up to three or four objects by saying one number name for each item.
•Counts actions or objects which cannot be moved.
 •Counts objects to 10, and beginning to count beyond 10.

Mathematics: Space, shape and measure


  • Uses familiar objects and common shapes to create and recreate patterns and build models

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