Sunday, 17 January 2016

still so young

There are days when I probably treat the kids as if they are a lot older than they really are. Expecting them to rationalise and perform like an adult. 

But in truth, they are still so very young. They are in their infancy of forming life-long behaviours, opinions and skills. 

As I was proof reading an assignment for a friend and colleague of mine who is studying early childhood development, I was reminded of the important nature-nurture theories and debates. This led me to think about the beauty of individuality and the uniqueness of each child. All three of our children began from the same pool of genes , and yet all each are so very different. What kind of people will they turn out to be? How much of it will be down to their individuality, and how much is down to their environment and our influence as parents?

It frightens me a little thinking of the kind of influence I have on my children. I worry about the baggage they will inevitably pick up along the way.  I also feel a huge sense of gratification and joy that I have the amazing opportunity to nurture each one of them in the best way I can. Knowing that there are so many children out there that are born into hugely dangerous and frightening situations, motivates me further to ensure that my duty as a mother is not squandered or taken for granted. 

My ever imaginative, creative genius 5 year old became Rapunzel the other night by wearing a sheet and swimming nappy. 

As ever, I continue to be reminded that parenthood is a total roller coaster. But I am glad of it. 

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