Thursday, 21 January 2016

The Boys

What I love about my boys...

Chick 2 can show real focus and perfectionist tenancies in his work/play. He loves to do things slowly and carefully. This was particularly noticeable when he made a long trail from shells and stuff we'd picked off the beach the other day...

Occasionally Chick 2 will get slightly carried away with his affectionate nature, giving Chick 3 some very tight cuddles. But the majority of the time he's an absolutely fantastic older brother who really takes good care of his little brother.

Chick 3 is still at the very inquisitive stage, taking his time to notice everything around him - whether it be through pulling, picking, smelling, eating prodding etc. On our way to the park the other day, Chick 2 dashed off to the park, while Chick 3 stopped every few seconds to study something on the path or run off to look at something on a tree.

Once I had made it to the park, we made the most of the dry weather and had a super time playing.

Chick 2 has a wonderful adventurous nature, he is so willing to take risks and even when he does have a tumble (which is often) - unless it's really bad just gets up and brushes himself off!! 

Chick 2 managed to take this little photo of us, and I love it...

This little guy is such a cheeky, but adorable soul. He is at the stage where everything needs to be destroyed explored!

I feel truly blessed that I have a decent work-life balance at the moment which affords me the time to be able to spend time with my littlies before they grow up. 

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