Sunday, 3 January 2016

Tyrannical two's

There was a film in the 90's called 'Flubber'. Now for some reason, flubber, an energetic ball of goo that destroys anything in it's path reminds me of our youngest at the moment. 

He's absolutely gorgeous... but holy-moly, can that boy bounce through the house leaving a trail of destruction behind him. His consistently high level of energy is truly exhausting. The thing is at this stage there is zero reasoning or predictability with his behaviour. He's a total loose canon. 

This morning I took a few pictures to document his antics within a one hour period. 

Within minutes of being in the kitchen he'd found and emptied an entire crackers box and had selected the ones he wanted to chomp on. I had literally turned my back for a second to look at the laundry when the gentle crackle of a box being opened reached my ears. Yelling 'NO' apparently translates as 'Great job sweetie, tip a little quicker and higher'. 

As I quickly shoved all the crackers back in the box (the 10 second rule may have extended to 20 seconds in this instance), the little man made himself comfortable to eat his loot.

10 minutes later, he was shoving a box of cereal into my hands pointing to his high chair. I guess the crackers didn't do the job. It was about 17 seconds after I'd put a bowl of cornflakes in front of him that again I hear the gentle patter of a cornflakes hitting the floor. He ate a couple that had managed to escape the bowl tip as if that was all he was after in the first place! WHaaaaaat??? This has become a daily occurrence with food. Seriously don't know how to get him to eat more than a couple of mouthfulls of anything.  The boy certainly did not inherit my appetite for food.

Perhaps about 15 minutes after the corn flakes incident, he'd pushed the stool over to the cutlery drawer to start throwing it's contents on the floor too. He then nearly gave me a heart attack when he started making a grab for the large, pointy bread knife. 

 It was after this that he found his favourite place to sit - in the upturned stool. He loves it!!

How on earth all three children have discovered the joy of doing this I will never know.

Finally before the hour was up, he had tipped an entire pot of crayons, pencils and pens over (again definitely a daily occurrence).

It will take me at least 3 times longer to complete most chores around the house with this little ball of energy. So while I adore this age for all the cuteness that it brings... it is certainly the age I have the most difficulty with staying on track with their cheeky escapades.

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