Saturday, 2 January 2016

watch them closely

I've been thinking (dangerous I know). At what point do we lose the child-like ability to let go of and be totally present in the moment?

Yesterday on a walk through the woods with the children I was reminded of what a gift it is.

Climbing a tree, holding on to branches looking up and pushing themselves to go higher and higher.
Stopping to look carefully at a leaf or investigating an interesting overhanging tree.

Splashing so hard in a puddle that it sends waves of icy cold, muddy water in all directions. Then going again and again, all the while letting out shrieks of delightful laughter. A truly satisfied grin lit up their speckled, dirty faces.

They plunged their tiny hands into a glorious cold bath of brown sticky mulch. Then let it slowly drip through their out stretched fingers as if it's nothing more than warm chocolate.

In a world where it is so easy to be pulled in by our technology (I am as guilty as the next person). I was grateful for the reminder that in order to revisit my childhood and live more 'in the moment' I need to simplify. To remember that life in it's pure form, what's real and tangible is enough. Put down the phone and look up at what's all around. It's about re-discovering our inner child and finding joy in the little things.

- Chick3 with his best friend Mamgu who also accompanied us on our little walk. 

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