Monday, 1 February 2016

16 emotions a parent may feel everyday.

Children have an amazing ability to bring out a total myriad of emotions.  Even in one 24 hour period, you experience such a wide range of feelings that it's no wonder you're totally exhausted come the end of the day.

If on the rare occasion you have managed to wake up naturally, there is a sense of real jubilation/satisfaction that you haven't been woken up by a toddler pulling your eyelids apart to see if you're alive (I speak from experience). Then you look at your phone to see what the time is, and it's 5am - resignation.  This is the time you would usually be awoke at on most mornings when kiddies are the alarm clock. This moment is usually the time I begin going through my mental to-do lists in my brain - quiet determination. No chance of going back to sleep, so checking my daily list seems a productive way to start the day without actually having to get out of bed. 
Then you hear the shuffle of feet and the creek of the door. Their little sleepy faces are too sweet to be agitated with - love and adoration.

As the morning progresses, there is the frustration of trying to coax one child to get dressed. Then the sense of pride for when they do manage it themselves without any help. 
Shower time becomes a family event with each child needing you for one thing or another. There's baby banging on the window asking to get in, or another telling me that there is a school trip today that you'd forgotten about, or the child picking up a razor that's been left out which you grab moments before they try to shave their face - queue feelings of worry, panic or irritation. There is no such thing as an undisturbed shower in this house, unless you go for one at 11 at night. 

While getting make-up on, you realise it's gone disturbingly quiet downstairs. That's never a good with a nearly 2 year old - dread

I check and find half a bottle of milk on the kitchen sides and floor - hysterical crying/laughing as I yell the words "no use crying over spilt milk!!". Chick 3 looks at me bemused... "dink" he meekly says waving a cup. On most other day of the week I'd not have seen the funny side. But this day I was feeling more well rested that usual and so I did not cry for long!

Later that day, I find the children have dressed up in my clothing, and they look totally adorable - amusement, happiness, love. Then they start imitating some of our expressions - "time to go to work!" "time for bed now" " come on darling". The feelings of pride and wonder wash over me as I watch their little imaginations grow and their minds processing the world they know in a beautiful child-like way.

Chick 3 also wanted to dress up on this particular occasion. Turns out the dragon ate the knight subsequently needed a nap after the hard battle.

Parenting is definitely physically demanding. Particularly with little-uns. But one thing we don't always consider when we reach the end of the day and we are totally shattered is the emotional energy it takes to be totally 'present' each step of the way. It really is a work out!!

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