Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Crash, bang

Today started off quite pleasantly. After taking Chick 1 to school, we got back with enough time to have a bit of arty-literacy fun painting things that start with the letter 't'.

We then went on a mission to drop off leaflets and posters for some workshops I am planning. Along the way we made a pit stop at the library where Chick 2 was delighted to find some super hero books. 

 When we got home, I started to make some preparations for evening dinner and the boys lunch. Chick 3 had fallen asleep on the way home so I settled him down in his cot for a nap. Chick 2 was chatting away very pleasantly as I started putting some sandwiches together. All of a sudden I heard a heartstopping thud. I swivelled around to see him crumpled on the floor. The wheeled sit on dog he'd been playing on had unexpectedly flipped forwards sending his face into the kitchen floor. I knew it was going to be bad when I heard his little cries. You can always tell when it's serious. The blood was imediate. And there was a lot of it. As calmly as I could, I stemmed the bleeding by putting pressure on it. Once I'd cleaned it and taken a closer look , I knew it would be a trip to A&E for stitches or glue. As best as I could I hid my squeamish emotion and taped a small bandage to his chin. After waking Chick 3 up and getting both boys into the car we headed to the hospital. 

On the way, he kept asking me questions like "Why are we going to the hospital?" , "What are they going to do to me?". I tried to distract him be talking about superheros. It mostly worked. 

Once at the hospital and being inspected, it was clear he would need some glue to keep it together while it healed. He was a super brave boy. It was absolutely heartbreaking listening to him crying as they put the glue on. 

Once we got back to the car, he was a lot happier when I told him he could choose anything he wanted to watch that he could have a lolly as a treat for being so brave. 

I really hate seeing the kids in any sort of discomfort, so it was a huge relief to see him snuggled up on the sofa feeling a lot happier. 

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