Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Orange Day

A little while ago, the kids and I looked at the colour green (see here) and had a few activities based around that colour. Since then, I've been meaning to have another 'colour day'. We finally got round to it!! On this particular day we looked at the colour ORANGE. 

We dug out our orange plates and prepared some healthy snacks in keeping with the colour. As I was bringing the plates out I noticed the cat/tiger on the plate and it struck me that we should make some faces using the food. I'm always looking for ways to entice Chick 3 to eat food. He is by far my fussiest eater. By making eating an exploratory game, I find it can help to take away some of the stress behind trying to get them to eat. 

It seemed to work this time, Chick 3 had a good nibble at the carrot sticks and ate several oranges and raisins - winner!

After snack time, I encouraged chick 2 to look through his book box to find any stories about colours or pictures that had the colour orange. For the more simple stories, Chick 2 read them to Chick 3.

We then had a go at colour mixing. I didn't have any clear bags so we used cling film. I found this was a good way to let them experience the squishing of the colours together using their fingers but without getting messy!

Once we'd mixed the colours together, they had a go at painting things that are orange - fire and a tiger. Then we split some satsumas in half and used them to print with to see what pattern it made. Chick 2 got quite perturbed at this - "no no mummy, they are getting all dirty... we can't eat them now!". He settled a bit once I'd reasured him we were not going to be eating them afterwards - this was just a 'bit of fun'!! 

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