Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Sowing seeds

Ever since the landscaping got done in our garden, I've been desperate to get out and planting. We've now got 2 raised beds and ample space for plants and flowers. My father is a real gardening guru. He's worked as a professional gardener for many years now. Growing up in West Wales we owned enough land to have quite a sizable garden plot. Each spring Daddy would be out sowing seeds and preparing the ground for the veggies that would soon be planted. I'd love squatting at the edge of the plots watching him work, occasionally getting called over to help with one job or another. I'd love gathering in the harvest come June and July. We'd get to dig for potato treasure and gather in all manner of different peas and beans. I wish I had some photos. I'll have to dig some out from the old albums next time I'm at Mamgu's house.

I've never really had the opportunity to plant anything of any value until this year. I am soo excited. And yet terrified. Having had such a fantastic gardnener as a father, you'd think I'd have picked something up over the years. Alas, I haven't a clue. Which is why I decided to begin with this - Easy Gardener, Shake and Rake. Oh yes. I'm that brave. 

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