Wednesday, 2 March 2016

8 Fun Things to Make and Do on Saint David's Day

Saint David's day holds a special place in my heart. Born in Wales to English parents, I never really felt I was either Welsh or English. However, after moving away from Wales at 23, I can honestly say I truly miss home. 

The primary school I attended was a first language Welsh school, and so being immersed in the language from the age of 4 I became fluent in it within a few short months. The Welsh are a wonderfully proud people, who cherish and hold fast to their heritage and traditions. My love of performing, music and the stage was nurtured with participation in the yearly Eisteddfods, where I got to compete in singing (both solo and choral), recitation and dance. 

Each year on Saint Davids Day, children across Wales get dressed up in their traditional welsh clothing. Here is a picture of me at school when I was around 5 (I'm front row, far left).

This year in order to celebrate it the kids and I came up with a few fun things to do during the course of the day.

1. Hand Print Daffodils:
As the national flower of Wales, it was only right we paint a picture of a daffodil using hand prints. I must say. the pintrest version looked a lot better than our attempt. But I'll just say ours is more of an abstract version! 

2. Make a Welsh Flag using Pegs.

Peg boards are a great resource to have in the cupboard (but a pain in the bum if they get tipped on the floor!). It really helps with development of fine motor control. Chick 4 found this task a bit frustrating because he likes things to be exact. He found it frustrating that his pegs didn't make the right shapes he wanted them to. 

3. Welsh Cakes:

It's always nice to get the kiddies involved in a bit of cooking - time consuming though it may be. I really enjoyed this recipe from the BBC Good Food Website. 

4. Themed Sensory tray:

I dyed some rice (use a little gel food colouring + squish of hand sanitiser), then popped a few objects that might encourage imaginative play and exploration. Chick 1 (nearly 2), loves the rice and the different textures really intrigued him. Chick 4 on the other hand made up a game with the dragon and 'st David' who was helping him save his eggs. 

5. Make a traditional 'Cawl'. 

See how I made mine HERE

6. Learn some welsh words. I taught Chick 4 how to count to 10 :) 

1.Un - een
2. Dau - die
3. Tri - tree
4.Pedwar - ped-wah
5. Pump - pimp
6.Chwech - clearing your throat sound chhh-weh-chhhh
7. Saith - sigh-th
8. Wyth - ooh-ith
9. Naw - Now
10. Deg - deh-g

7. Read/watch a video about the tale of St David
We found a couple of quite nice animations about St David's on You tube and the BBC iplayer website.

8. Listen to Traditional Welsh Music

We had a lovely day celebrating St Davids day, it really brought back some fond memories :)

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