Sunday, 6 March 2016

Here's to Strong Women - Happy Mother's Day

So it's Mother's Day. I fell asleep on the couch last night, and so woke up with a huge crick in my neck this morning. But it's all good because I was kissed awake by 2 of my three beautiful babies.
My little chicks had been very busy at the local schools and nurseries making lots of lovely things for me to look at :)

When I reflect on my own upbringing, I am filled with wonder at my mother's incredible example of inner strength and dedication to her 8 children. While my mother was running her own very busy baby carrier business, she also brought up our family and immersed herself in  helping run programs at our local church. As a mother myself now, I am more appreciative and in wonderment of everything she would accomplish on a day to day basis. 

We would wake up to the smell of freshly baked bread most mornings, each of us would have a clean uniform to wear to school (this sounds silly - but 8 sets of washing is a lot!!), most mornings Mummy will have prepared a cooked breakfast - scrammbled eggs on toast or some other variety, we would have morning devotional - prayers and scripture study as a family, my hair would be plaited and then Daddy usually drove us to school. I know this sounds like a regular morning, but in actual fact, Mummy had been awake from about 2am sewing baby carriers while the rest of us slept. Getting my children out the door with clean clothes, hair done and breakfast in their tummies is often quite a mission. I have a deep sense of gratitude for my mother, and her tireless effort to do what was right for her family. She continues to be a wonderful support to me and my children love her to bits - particularly Chick 1 (he actually prefers her to me at the moment!!)

I feel truly grateful to be able to have the honour of being mother to my 3 balls of energy. It is exhausting some days - I feel like bed-time can't come soon enough. But like anything worthwhile, the challenges make those sweet moments even sweeter. 

Chick 5 - I love your artistic flare, you're passion for creating and using your wonderful imagination. I have loved watching your caring instincts develop over the last few months - you are so kind to your baby brother and are always looking for ways to look after him and help him. I love your strength of character - you are so determined. I love watching the progress you make in your reading and how diligent you have been in working on your spellings. You are a special girl, and I look forward to seeing how you grow this year. 

Chick 4 - I love your sweet, caring nature. You are so thoughtful and truly care about how people feel. You can melt away any sadness I feel with one of your tight cuddles. You have always been my happy boy, even as a tiny baby - you would embrace life with a smile. You are a super helper, and a fantastic cook. I love seeing how hard you try at new challenges and your ability to keep trying when it's tough. You are my special boy and I will really miss having you around the house when you go to school.

Chick 1 - I love your bubbly, enthusiastic personality. You can bring sunshine into a room with your laughter and desire to explore, play and learn. You are so chatty - it's so much fun listening to you find your voice and communicate all the little things you can see and want. I love your little comedic ways - how you will perform a trick or action and laugh your socks off and watch to see if I laugh too. I love how you try and copy your brother and sister, how fast you are at learning new things. You are by beautiful special boy, and I love you so much. 

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