Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Snakes and Ladders

The other day I asked Chick 4 to tell me what he would like to play. His response was - "snakes and ladders". When I told him that we didn't own that game he said "It doesn't matter - we can use our imaginations". What a priceless moment. He rushed off in search of some paper and pens, then had a go at what he thought it should look like. On a second draft, I explained the rules of the snakes and ladders game and drew a rough chart to put the numbers into. He managed to write numbers 1- 10 independently, then I wrote the other numbers in yellow so he could trace over them. He then decided where the snakes and ladders were going to go. 

I had forgotten all about the game and how great it was for teaching number recognition, number conservation, and general number skills. We played it for ages! We ended up getting the actual board game for the kids to play with a few days later. This ended up being a useful tool for chick 5 too as she isn't quite secure with numbers 20-50. 

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