Monday, 14 March 2016

To See Inside a Child's Mind

It never ceases to amaze me how creative children can be. Their little minds know no limit. I have been reminded of this on several occasions recently. 

Our garden has been water-logged for months, and a few weeks ago we got the garden re-landscaped. Part of this involved re-turfing and re-seeding. It'll be wonderful when it's finished, but for the next little while it's rather frustrating not being able to let the kids outside to play. One afternoon Chick 4 was playing on his bike (using the paved part) and he'd been telling me how much he wanted to play in the house. I'd explained he couldn't really go over the grass for a few more weeks because it was still growing. He seemed to have understood. I went inside to start some ironing. After about 15 minutes, I put my head out the window to check all was well, only to discover this - 

He'd found several of the left over wood and made his own way over to the house "without walking on the grass mummy". It was such a sweet moment so I commended him for his creativity (then put the wood back when he'd gone back inside).

Another moment I found incredibly funny was when the kids had started playing hide and seek. I came into the room to find them... 

All three children had managed to find their way under the sheets and were giggling hysterically underneath. At which point I had to compose myself to ask very seriousely "I wonder where they could all be?!"

Chick 1's talking and imagination has really blossomed over the past month. He has also developed a very sweet bond with a toy monkey he acquired at his Mamgu's house. He carries him all over the house, tucking him inside his jumper. One morning he was adamant that his monkey should join him for breakfast. Monkey ended up taking a spin in the  washing machine that morning due to the mess he got in. 

I just love these lovely imaginative chickaroos :) 

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