Friday, 1 April 2016

5 Egg-cellent Early Years activities.

Chick 1, Chick 4 and I had a lot of fun this holiday coming up with different ways to use plastic Easter eggs. 

I had lots of resources left over from a Spring themed lesson I'd done at school, so I thought it'd be good to re-use them with the boys at home too. 

Spring Theme Discovery Basket:

Chick 1 had a great time pulling out the different object from the basket. There were lots of different, colours and textures which promoted lots of language opportunities.

Chick 1 is at what I like to call the 'parrot' stage at the moment. He will copy almost anything you say. With an activity like this, it worked we to help him have a stimulus to promote new language and questioning.

Egg and Pom Pom Colour Sorting:

We sat and identified all the different colours we could see, and after I'd modelled finding a pom pom to match the egg colour, Chick 4 started joining in. Meanwhile, chick 1 just enjoyed placing a random pom pom into the eggs and trying to close them together. I realised as I watched them play that this was a great way to help their fine-motor skills and strengthening their fingers.

Making CVC words:

 To help with with reading, I wrote CVC words on the eggs. The initial sound went on one side and the VC on the other. Then as Chick 4 turned the egg it would make a new word. Each time he turned it he would have to decide whether it made a read or non-real word.

Initial Sounds Egg Basket

To help with Chick 4's initial sounds, we collected some spring objects together in a bowl and wrote the corresponding initial sound on an egg.

Chick 4 then had to choose a sound and decide which object should go inside the egg.

He really enjoyed this one :)

Egg and Pom Pom 1:1 Counting

This is a simple game which takes minutes to prepare. Depending on the ability of the child, simply write a number on an egg and the children then need to count out that many pom poms to go inside the egg. This is a great way to promote 1:1 counting and number-object recognition. 

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