Saturday, 2 April 2016

When it gets hard.

More times than I'd care to admit I have found myself curled up in a ball clutching a jar of Nutella in one hand and a spoon in the other. Desperately looking at the clock...only 10:30. A while to go until bedtime.

 I was feeling particularly 'witchy' one day. Leaving my bed a little later than I should have done meant that on entering the room I saw the kids had systematically emptied the contents of their drawers (Seriously, why do I even fold it before I put it in the drawers?!) and were presently bouncing up and down on a mattress they'd stripped of bedding and were now using as a trampoline. If only I could osmosis that energy out of them at morning time. Just a teeny tiny bit would be fine. I'm not greedy. 

During breakfast Chick 1 had done his usual - catapulting the dregs of his soggy breakfast across the kitchen. The other two find this hysterical. Chick 1 then thinks it's a game, and so it continues until I grab everything and place it out of reach. By this point I'd managed to put my foot in the sticky food assault smeared accross the floor.Uh huh... ok... not as bad as standing on a slug in bare feet(did that a few years ago) but still flipping gross. 

By 8am, the older two have managed to find their way outside, still in PJ's and no shoes and are climbing the fence to spy on the neighbors. While I've started clearing up the breakfast chaos, Chick 1 manages to escape into the garden and has made a b-line for my raised beds. Despite having a netting covering the baby seedlings, he finds the peas - which are probably the best out of the lot... and yanks them out of the earth. I see him through the window, holding it aloft with it's pathetic tiny roots dangling above his head, the biggest grin on his face. Devastated. Those little plants are like my second children and they get totally terrorized by this boy. I start to shout "No!!" ... this seems to be his cue to start pulling the others out too.

By 11am, I've given Chick 2 a change of clothes and Chick 1 has had 3. They are desperate to play in the garden. Because it's waterlogged in places, they are always slipping over in the mud, even on a sunny day it's puddles galore.

After lunch, I put Chick 1 down for a nap and put a little movie on for the kids. This is the time where I get to gather my thoughts and try and regain some equilibrium. I remind myself why I am grateful to have 3 children and what I love about each of them. I do have to do this sometimes. It sounds terrible, but when you've had a particularly difficult morning, you forget what's good because you're so fixated on your failings as a parent. 

On this day, I captured this moment (post nap and movie). The kids had all decided that they were going to help clear up and for a short while. All 3 were working together and communicating really nicely without squabbling. It was a ray of light amid the storm. In all honesty, some days it's these fleeting moments that get you through the day. 

I know I am amazingly lucky to have three wonderful children, who are always keeping me on my toes and who are able to show me what I need to work on. I know I need much more patience, I need to be kinder and have a better sense of humour. I'm trying to be better. I really am.  Being the best you can doesn't mean you're perfect every day. It means you can learn and grow from the tough days without letting it beat you.

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  1. Oh that picture is just too cute. Yes some days you don need to remind yourself how grateful you are for children. A great, honest read.