Saturday, 30 July 2016

Ballerina Party - Turning 6

This year, Chick 6 had her heart set on a ballerina party. She started attending classes in April and has been a bit obsessed ever since. 

I have to say, I had a lot of fun planning this one. I'd love my daughter no matter what she was into, but it really is lovely having such a little girly girl. 

Birthday breakfast table all set up for the morning. 

The cakes never turn out quite the way I plan them. This time it started leaning like the tower of pisa. The ballerinas looked like they were going to slide right off the side!

Chick 6 was delighted when she walked into the kitchen on her birthday and saw all the pink everywhere!!

We had a lovely traditional birthday breakfast, opening prezzies and eating selection box cereal.

Then it was time to venture into the living room to see the 'big' present. It wasn't really a surprise as she'd been asking if she could have a bigger bike (after her growth spurts she really is far too big for her old bike). She'd specified that she would like a basked on the front this time. Thankfully the kind man at the bike shop was able to acquire one for the bike we'd chosen.

While I got ready for the party which would start at 12. Daddy took Chick 6 out on her new bike to test it out.

Finally it was party time, she just had a few little friends that came this time. Her cousin, our next door neighbour and a couple of school friends.

Upon arrival, they were given their own tutu to wear for the rest of the party (which they later took home with them instead of getting a party bag).

We started the party with a little ballet lesson, where we went through all the basic ballet positions.

Then we did a musical statues game where we tested to see how many positions they could remember by shouting out a particular 'position' each time the music stopped.

After that, we played pin the tutu on the ballerina.

Next, we got all crafty and the girls made their own little peg doll ballerinas to take home with them.

After a little food, the girls all went outside to play while we had a little tidy around and got ready for pass the parcel and cake.

Chick 6 really enjoyed her day, and one of her little friends even said it was the best party ever! (I think she was just really excited to have her own skirt to take home!)

 We love our (big)little girl. She is a really determined, kind and helpful person.It makes us so proud watching how hard she tries at her drawing - she is still determined to be an artist a year on. We also love how caring and thoughtful she is with her littlest brother. Taking the time to help him when he struggles and trying to make him laugh when he's sad. We love you special girl. 

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