Tuesday, 30 August 2016

3 welsh beaches

This week we managed to fit in 3 different beaches in stunning Wales. 

We began our trip with a few days stop at a hotel in Bridgend (we managed to see G for a few hours each evening after he'd finished work).

It was quite the novelty for them all getting to have breakfast in bed AND watching TV. 

The first beach we got told to visit was Porthcawl. I managed to find the town ok, but once I was there got totally lost in a caravan park but thankfully managed to find a spot to park and get down to the beach. I cannot even begin to describe how flipping excited the chicks get when they see the beach. It's so lovely. I took it for granted being so close to the coast growing up. 

The first thing they did when we got there was make a mad dash straight into the waves. 

It wasn't particularly sunny, but did they care? I think not.

Got this snap of Chick 6 coming out of the water and couldn't believe it was her. It suddenly hit me how grown up she's now looking. 

After making a brief health and safety check of the waves Chick 2 retired to the rock pools, keeping a safe distance from the waves. 

After about 30 minutes of splashing about in the waves, where I kept shouting them back in (I've turned into quite a paranoid mother!), they came and joined me and chick 2 at the rockpools to see what we could find.

It was lovely to hear them give a few of the shell names that they remembered from the investigation table activity and chick 6 gave me a bit of detail about why seaweed have little pockets on them.

The salty sea air really gave chick 2 some gorgeously defined ringlets in his hair. I am slightly obsessed with that boys hair!

As the rain started to come down I looked like a true British holiday maker in my sun hat, shades and coat!

Finally it was time to head back to the car when we looked at our toes and realised they were white-ish yellow.

After a rather wet and cold afternoon on Porthcawl beach, a few days later we were driving to West Wales for my father's wedding and decided to make a stop at Llansteffan beach. 

Oh.my.days. What a gorgeous beach. So glad we stopped there. What a difference. Beautifully, soft sand on a hot, sunny day. We were having such a lovely time I only got the camera out once to take this snap of the two of them playing together when they weren't actually squabbling about who could sit where on the rocks or who had which bucket. 

Our last beach trip was at my old childhood beach 'Mwnt' on the Cardigan coast. I have so many fond memories of this beach. 

It's totally enclosed, so it feels super safe for the kids. 

Chick 2 had been sitting really intently inside his rubber ring for ages and so I went over to investigate what he was up to.

He'd found some stones and told me he was "drawing pictures". Early mark making at it's best :)

I imagine this will be one of our last visits to the beach this year and probably until next summer. But I'm really glad we managed to fit in so many trips :) 

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