Saturday, 16 April 2016

Bubble Party

Can't quite believe my little man has turned 2! 

We celebrated his day with some bubble-themed fun. 

The night before, I got all the activities prepped and ready - bubble wands, bubble snakes, bubble painting,  party favours inside bubble balloons and giant bubble show...

The morning of his birthday, he was over-joyed to see all the funny decorations and exciting things to unwrap on the table.  Of course, his older siblings took great pleasure in helping him open his prezzies.

The the look of the bubble machine was a lot more appealing than the reality of it.

Chick 2 is always keen to help in the kitchen, so I thought it might be nice to get him his own cooking things so he can play to his hearts content along side me.

A little while later, it was part time...

We began the party with some bubble wrap musical statues. The bubble wrap popping was just too tempting and generally each time the music stopped lots of popping continued!!

We then had a go at making giant bubble snakes. So easy to make too!

We took these outside as it got gloriously foamy very quickly!

It took a couple of attempts to help Chick 2 realise he had to blow OUT not IN... but he got there in the end!

Check out Auntie M's Skyward snake!! So cool!

The bubble painting took a little patience, but the results were quite pretty :)

Then it was time for the bubble show. The kids were very awed by the giant bubbles floating over their heads!

Then the grand finale - standing inside the giant bubble!! (The mixture for this took MANY attempts... but finally worked it out! Will get around to posting a 'How to...' at some point)

Birthday boy wasn't so keen on this!

I, on the other hand was very excited!

This little boy has brought countless laughs and smiles into our lives. We are so very grateful to have him in our family team. He is such a happy, enthusiastic character, has a wicked sense of humour and is super cheeky - but in a completely love-able way. We love you!!

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