Tuesday, 30 August 2016

I love...

I love that after weeks and weeks of trying, you finally mastered the technique of swinging all by yourself. I love watching you soar higher and higher willing your toes to touch the clouds. 

I love that you're finding independence with each skill you master. But I feel sad that it means you need me that little bit less. 

I love seeing your lengthening shadow. You're legs are getting so long they no longer dangle helplessly off the edge of the swing but plant themselves firmly on the ground.

I love that you ask me to watch you, eager for approval and praise. I love that this means you truly value me and my opinion of you.

I love how you call me over to push you round and round until you can't hold on any longer and squeal 'stop stop'.

I love the joyous smile and the shrieks of effervescent laughter that you give each time you bounce higher and higher. 

I love your shimmering golden hair and the way the sun makes it look even more precious and bright. 

I love how your chubby hand will finds mine, and how you'll let your head nestle into my side when you just want to be near me. 

I love how your outstretched arms will reach towards me as your little voice cries "up, up... cuddle mummy cuddle"

I love that my kisses will ease the hurt and pain after you have fallen.

I love that you teach me to see the world through your eyes again. 

I know there will come a day that these precious moments are only treasured memories. The way you see the world will change and evolve. You wont need me in the same way anymore. The thought makes me sad.

But until that time, I am renewing my commitment to savouring these fleeting days of dependence, un-bottled zeal for life and endless imagination.

My loves, you make life come to life.

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