Monday, 15 August 2016

Mind meanderings and moments of beauty in the madness.

Four deliciously smooth, sweet balls of nectar later and I feel both guilty and sick. Why is it as I'm popping them into my mouth like they're going out of fashion, my brain is screaming "Don't do it woman, have some self control!!". Perhaps it was my decision to come off facebook (again) a few days ago that kick started my compulsive chocolate eating. It's like my brain is telling me to find some other addiction to focus on instead of the one that was sucking so many precious hours out of each day. I've also started scrolling through instagram instead. I'm not quite sure what it is that makes it so appealing and addictive. There is something about  trolling though countless pretty pictures of babies/couples/singles/flowers etc that allows you to momentarily escape. I find it can be both an inspiration and a curse. I do wonder, insta-glam-mums - how in all that is good and holy do you keep your children/house/self so pristine, clean and gorgeous? 

Due to the fact that I started writing this post past midnight when my eyes were starting to close, I can't actually remember where I was going with this. So today, after re-reading what I wrote. I have decided to limit myself to taking a couple of moments that (hopefully) really capture the essence of my day. Hopefully creatively, but also 'real' moments. Ones that I can look back on and know were a true reflection on life and what it means to be a parent.

Here they are.

Potty training day commenced. He managed one wee in it! Score!

The children are a bit obsessed with asking my google ap questions and seeing what it comes up with. Today they asked it 'What do fairy houses look like?'

They felt inspired to go make their own in the garden. Rather sweet don't you think?

A TED talk I listened to recently reminded me about being still and trying to focus on quiet beauty in the busy world we live in. These were my 'still beauty' moments. I hope you find some in your day too.

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