Tuesday, 23 August 2016

remembering those little moments.

There are so many times in the week, that I'll think - 'I need to write that down', after the kids have said or done something really funny but then I forget. So this month, I am dedicating a post to those little moments that have happened, that I do remember to log or take a photo of! 

After asking desperately if he could go into the paddling pool at 5pm (it had been raining all day), 2 minutes later he runs back in with a sad look on his face, "Please can I wear a jacket in the pool mummy, it's SO cold!"

20th August :  Taking big gulps of his water, "I'm ging to drink all my water today so I be really hydrated". 
Love this kids vocab, he's not even at school yet and he comes out with such awesome words (in the right context too!)

My sister recently purchased the cutest toy poodle puppy for their family. It is literally the sweetest thing. But any time I'd go around, Chick 2 would be completely and utterly terrified of her. 

Only this week, he finally overcame his fears and could actually touch her without bursting into tears (after having to spend a whole day in the same location) YAY!!

This month was my attempt to potty train Chick 2. I thought that with the good weather we'd been having and the time I could dedicate to it in the garden it'd be a perfect opportunity to give it a go. 

On the first day we properly did it, I was overjoyed to see how diligent Chick 6 was at helping to remind him to go, repeatedly asking him to have sips of drink and holding his hand to take him to the potty. Then she'd sit and ask him how he was doing. Just the sweetest thing in the world. These are the moments we live for as parents. Honestly, the kids fight and squabble constantly. But then you get golden moments like this that make you think - "hey, maybe it's not so bad".

The day me and my sister almost wet ourselves laughing at these pictures of the boys. 

That time when Chick 4 told me his rice cracker looked like the millennium falcon after taking a bite out of it

Those curls. Need I say more?

... That boy is never getting his hair cut.

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