Wednesday, 31 August 2016

St Fagans National History Museum

"Why did so many people live in one house?", "Why is there straw on the roof?" , "How do you say houses in Welsh?", "What does the mill do?". These are just a few of the questions the children asked as we walked around St Fagan's National History Museum.

Named after the village it is situated in, this popular heritage museum is a wonderful day trip for all ages. It boasts over 40 houses sourced from across Wales, including a school, a church, a farm and workman's institute. All the buildings have been painstakingly re-errected in the 100 acre parkland. 

While I was quite taken aback with the £5 parking charge, I felt much better when I realised it was actually free entry so that small fee was a actually not so bad after all.

I'd visited as a kid, some 20 years ago (gosh I'm getting old now), so was pretty stoked to be able to take my own children there so many years on. 

Most of the houses had a person working inside who were more than happy to answer our questions. The children - always so questioning about everything - were in their element. I had great fun teaching them a few Welsh phrases on the way over. They went into shy mode when we actually came to use them though. 

It really was quite amazing going into all these carefully re-built homes which have been made to look so authentically similar - down to the types of fuel they put on the fires (peat blocks).

One of the newest additions to the site is the Celtic Iron Age fort. A few years ago we visited Castell Henllys, one of the biggest Iron Age fort re-constructions.

This one had a double house, one which led from the communal gathering place to the private quarters of the chief.

We particularly enjoyed the Victorian themed shops and fairground.

There really were some absolutely picturesque places. I quickly snapped this picture of the children trying to feed the sheep. Just so so pretty.

It was easy to see why this wonderful place was voted one of the UK's top 10 Free places to visit on trip advisor. If we lived closer, it would certainly be somewhere we'd be visiting as a family on a regular basis.

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