Saturday, 20 August 2016

Story Baskets - Beach/Seaside Theme

Yesterday, I wrote a post on the beach-themed discovery table. As part of this new area in the play room we've also added a story basket with an ocean/beach/seaside theme. One of my all-time favourite blogs (see HERE) had some fantastic ideas on how to encourage children to tell stories using props instead of a book. 

The two older children LOVE made up stories, but I am not particularly good at them without some sort of structure or inspiration to get me going. Their imagination is far better than mine, and so I was really excited to see what they'd come up with using these props. 

We put a range of toys and objects into it that all related to sea-side themed stories ie, pirates, treasure, a seahorse, diver, shells, pirate flag, map, fish, rocks, shark etc.

The first time we used the basket, I modelled how we could take it in turns to chose an item and add to the story using the object/toy we'd chosen. They were encouraged to use lots of exciting adjectives to help 'bring the story alive'. " After we'd had one round of story telling together - A magical seahorse had rescued the purple fish from a wicked shark Then they'd found a treasure chest at the bottom of the ocean at the same time as the diver saw it - he'd been using his treasure map - who then enlisted the help of a cheeky pirate to steal the treasure from them. Then the Queen mermaid told them to plant a "shell bomb" inside the treasure chest to trick the treasure seekers who were then blasted out of the water never to be seen again!

After that crazy story, Chick 6 had a turn at telling a story (with a little help/hindrance from chick 2).

This is something that I will be leaving out for children to play with again, perhaps taking out a few bits and changing it up with different objects.

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