Monday, 29 August 2016

testing out the new wellies

One of the things we really make use of as a family is our National Trust passes. It's particularly well used during the holiday period. 

One cloudy day this summer holiday we met up with some cousins and made our way to Attingham Park. A fantastic house with some stunning walks and great parks for children.

One of the highlights of the trip was testing out the brand new wellie boots!


We were very lucky to be able to walk past a herd of deer with their fawns. The children were mesmerised. We recently watched Bambie, so chick 2 kept shouting "Bambie... bambie!!". Very sweet. 

Along the way, chick 2 got to test out the new porta-potty aka 'Potette'.

and they had they're very first go at archery too. Chick 6 looks like a pro in this one -

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