Friday, 2 September 2016

Beginning school investigation area.

With my second baby starting school next week, I felt compelled to change our exploration table from the seaside theme it had been over the summer. 

I put out some basic alphabet matching games, a whiteboard to practice formation...

numbers and shape clock, 'I spy ...' number sensory bottle, some school based stories, a formation game and our numbers poster. 

I must admit, the reality that Chick 4 is going to school in just 4 short days has not really sunk in yet. I'm sure I'll be a mess next Tuesday. What reassures me slightly is that I know he is ready. He will be one of the oldest in his year group and so it has felt that he was ready for this next step for months.

He keeps asking "how many days left now?". He really is counting down the days!

He is such an amiable wee man, I've no concerns about him making new friends or being able to get on with learning. What I do worry about is... well me!! It has been so lovely having my handsome chap in the house with me. With so much to talk about all the time, I'm never short of a conversation! It'll be so quiet without him :(

One of my TA's at school is currently helping her first daughter get ready for going to university. What an emotional time that must be. I'm sure in her mind it feels like yesterday that her daughter was starting school. I do sometimes stop and wonder at the way time passes. Sometimes it feels like forever and the day will never end, and yet at other times you'll look at your children and in amazed wonder think how much these little people have grown and changed.  

Can't wait to see you embark on this exciting adventure that is Education!!

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