Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Commissioned goat art.

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When Chick 6 told me she wanted to be an artist a couple of years ago, I thought "aww that's nice." but also wondered what other dreams she might pursue over the coming years.

Two years on, and I've become more and more impressed with her dedication to this goal. Each night, she sits at either her desk, or in bed drawing and colouring. Recently, she sat and produced a whole stack of animal pictures in one afternoon.

I love the level of detail she's given some of those animals - I especially love the koala and Tiger, I think they are my favourite!

A few days after I'd posted the above photo of all her pictures on Instagram, an old school friend of mine (who runs a goat farm), saw it and asked me to 'comission' her to draw her a goat picture! 

When I told Chick 6 about it, she was over the moon. It was so delightful seeing her little face light up at the thought that someone else loved her artwork (not just her doting mother).

She was a little doubtful at first and produced about 5 different drawings. 

Here are some of her finished drawings. They're so sweet.

 My friend was over the moon with them. I was so grateful to her for giving Chick 6 this opportunity to feel special. It also gave her a little taster of what her Artists dream could be like in the future!

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