Thursday, 1 September 2016

Floating flower art and fairy potions

I always feel a little sad when I see the flowers starting to wilt on a pretty bouquet of flowers. And I feel sadder yet chucking them in the bin. This is probably part of the reason I've taken to drying them out and sticking them on top of the shelves in the kitchen.

As I was stood washing up the other day looking at these lovely mix of pink flowers in my jug, I suddenly had an idea. What about using the petals and flower heads to make a floating flower collage.

I put all the petals, flowers and leaves into separate containers. Then half filled 3 plastic tubs with water.

To make the experience even more sensory, we added glitter and some lavender doTerra oils (just a couple of drops was enough).

Then the children set about choosing their own arrangement of flowers,petals and leaves into their tubs.

Chick 2 stayed at the table for the longest. He even went and got a few extra pieces of play equipment from his kitchen and started scooping out the flowers and serving them up!

You can see where all the dried flowers usually go in this one-

When all the children had finished exploring with the flowers. I tipped all the water and flowers into the outdoor tray and added another bowl and mixing spoon. Again, it was Chick 2 that really loved scooping and mixing all the flowers to make a "fairy potion".

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