Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Sensory Leaf and Playdough Exploration

We love play-dough in our house!  It has so many brilliant opportunities for play and physical development. We make a big batch of playdough every few months as it last for up to 6 months in an airtight container, but we like to make it more regularly so we can change the colour and purpose of it (ours also ends up going into my classroom and then gets trashed!)

This is the yellow playdough we had left over from our seaside themed play in the summer. To add something different this time, we collected some different leaves from outside and popped it into the tough tray. 

With a little help from Chick 2, we rolled the playdough into sausages and stuck different lengths of skewer sticks into them. 

We sat and experimented with different ways of using the leaves on the sticks. 

Maths Link: We counted to see how many he had on each stick.

I also encouraged the use language related to ordering and size - Which one is the tallest/shortest? Can you find me a big leaf/small leaf? 

It also worked well as a fine motor activity where chick 2 was threading the leaves onto the sticks.

We then had some fun making leaf impressions in the dough and creating a bit of a leaf collage.

We left the tray out until the older two came home from school, and it was great seeing the way that the older ones interpreted the resources and explored it in their own creative ways...

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