Sunday, 4 September 2016

the dog bite incident

Last week we got told about a new park in the nearby area. I was eager to go find it as the children have been to the local parks so many times over the summer and it's nice to go somewhere new.

It was a gorgeous sunny day and as we walked over the hill we saw this amazing sight...

A huge area filled with loads of climbing frames! The kids bounded, and rolled down the hill.

After we got to the bottom, the older two made for the climbing frames. Chick 2 however had spotted a dog lying by the benches and headed over to say hello. 

I followed him as I am always quite wary of dogs we don't know. We sat on the bench talking to the dog that was lying down by the side of it. The owner came over and talked to Chick 2 telling him he needed to be brushed as it had seeds in it's coat. After a few minutes, the owner wondered away to help her grandson who was on one of the frames. 

I sat with Chick 2 having a drink of water. All of a sudden I heard Chick 6 screaming - she was hanging off one of the climbing frames and needed help getting down. She was about 10 feet away, so I ran over to help her down. 

No more than 30 seconds later, I heard a heart sickening scream. I looked over to see Chick 2 on his back beside the picnic bench. The dog was on all fours, looking startled. Initially I thought he had fallen over. Then, as I ran over I saw the blood. It was pouring down his face. I have been through pediatric first aid training, and yet when faced with the sight of your baby in this state your brain goes to mush. I was aware of someone running over and passing me some tissues to help stem the blood. He was totally hysterical. As I began cleaning the blood away, I noticed a couple of small holes and one very deep gash, there was also blood coming out of his mouth. "Do you have wet wipes?" the lady was asking me. She had to help me as I was shaking so badly at this point. The owner of the dog had come over at this point and was saying "oh... did he fall?" My brain then started clicking into gear, I replied "No, I think your dog has bitten my son"

As this stage my only thought was to get to the car, get home to find something to clean his face properly and go to A&E so he could be looked at. Thankfully, the lady that had passed me the tissue offered to help me up the hill with my bags. The older 2 were very confused and started following behind. 

Before I left I made a quick phone call to my mother who managed to find a way to meet me at the hospital.

After we got in and seen by a doctor, he looked at his face and confirmed that it was a dog bite. He was given a butterfly stitch and a prescription for anti-biotics. 

This photo looks like it's a few little scratches, but the bottom puncture was almost went through his whole cheek. There was also a very long tear just inside his lip. 

The older two were happy to supply Chick 2 with plenty of hugs and kisses.

By the time he'd had the stitch and the dressing, he was much perkier.

On the way home from the hospital. I reflected on how lucky he had been. There have been so many articles in the news about young children that have been killed by dogs recently. Things could have been so so much worse. So, while it was a truly horrific experience... I am truly grateful it was not worse.

The following day the doctor checked his cheek and said there should be only a little scarring so long as he doesn't try and fiddle with the stitch.

Later that evening, I sent out a message on Facebook asking friends in the area to help look for the door and owner as in my haste to get out of the park I had neglected to get her details. Amazingly, on a visit to the same park a day later (the older two asked to return as they had only had 10 minutes at it the last time), I saw the same dog and lady passing the park. I was able to speak to her and get her details.

This was an experience that I have dreaded happening to my children and which I've had nightmares about in the past. I would implore any person with a dog to please heed the signs next to children's parks - please either keep your dog outside or at the very least tied up and supervised at ALL times. They are animals. While they may have been family pets that have never hurt anyone, there may be times that they feel threatened or unsure and as a result react in the way that their natural instincts dictates to them.

To end on a positive note - my little man is doing really well noq, and he has enjoyed telling his tale to anyone that will listen - " I got poorly cheek... dog bite me!"


  1. This is one of those moments as parents that we hope never happen. I am so sorry for what you all have been through, but I am happy it was not worse! We have two dogs that are angels around my children and sometimes as parents we forget that not every dog is as nice as ours! Children should be taught about their surroundings and to stay away from strange people and strange dogs! Good luck!

    Randy Lawrence @ Goldin Legal

    1. It really is! I had heard of this happening to other people I knew and never thought it would happen to my own. Most dogs are absolutely fine, but it is so important for me now that my children are more aware of the dangers of animals that they don't know.