Tuesday, 27 September 2016

The Potette - A Review

Potty Training - Two dreaded words for any toddler parent. There are so many schools of thought on the 'right' way to do it. 

What age to do you start them?  I've spoken to someone who started at 8 months (I know... seriousely?!), then others that have waited until nearly 4 years to begin. 

Should I use pull ups instead of getting them into pants? I for one have tried both ways. Personally, I prefer to give them a week without anything on their bottom half so they are running around in the garden and notice it happening each time! I have always started mine in the summer holidays so it's less stressful for both them and me!! 

What reward system should I use? I've given ours a sticker/small treat for each wee and a bigger treat for a number 2! 

Here is Chick 2 with his colourful sticker toilet! 

But anyway, the reason for this post is to write a review on a fantastic product I discovered while potty training our third child. I must admit, my first two experiences of potty training with the older two were not exactly straightforward. I believe this was in large part due to the fact that whenever we went out anywhere, I would resort to putting them into pull-ups or nappies and hence the whole process dragged on forever and it took them ages to learn. I was determined this was not to be the case with child number 3 (third time lucky right?). 

So, I remember seeing another parent on the school run that was potty training her daughter. She had this little portable potty with her each time I saw her. I'd see her plopping her daughter onto this potty as we waited outside the school gates. I hadn't forgotten about it when the time started drawing close for Chick 2 to begin his training. 

When I did an online search, one of the top products for portable potty's was this - 

This is the Potette plus (click for amazon link). 

The original Potette is a folding potty, used along with absorbent, leakproof and fragranced disposable liners.

Potette has been used for over 17 years (how did I not know about this sooner??) and has enabled me and millions of others to benefit from the convenience of a fold away potty which can be used anywhere you go! 

It has an easy to use hinge mechanism that is made from durable plastic. It can be unfolded and locked into place before the child is seated (whether in seated or open position).

The legs are also easily removed which makes cleaning it much easier.

While the set I ordered comes with a white draw string bag, it is small enough to fit discreetly inside most changing bags or under a pushchair. Once I have completed training with chick 2, this will be staying in the boot of my car as I know it will prove invaluable on long car journeys with all three children.

The pack comes with detailed instructions and 3 ready to use disposable liners which slip easily over the two lockable handles. I ended up putting several on at one time to save time for future uses. When nature calls sometimes you only have seconds to get them seated!

When I bought my Potette Plus, I also purchased these Up & Go Potty trainer Liners (these were slightly cheaper than the Potette's own brand) These worked perfectly well alongside the Potette. I did find they were slightly too big for my Potette, but didn't hinder the effectiveness of them. 

Chick 2 was happy to use it in it's open position when we were making a stay at a hotel. It was great not having to take our big potty from home :) 

I really cannot recommend this product enough. It has been so helpful in making the transition out of nappies seamless and stress free. Where I used to be dashing from place to place looking for a loo, I can now whip out the Potette anywhere we are and then it's simply a matter of tying up the bag and finding the nearest bin to dispose it in, like you would with any other nappy bag. 


If you're deliberating about whether or not to get one - I'd say spend the extra money to get something that will honestly save you so much stress and also aid in helping the little one become more independent.

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  1. Ooh I've heard so many great things about the Potette, we will definitely be using it when the time comes! Can't believe it's been around for 17 years as friends of mine seem to have only just discovered it too..Thanks for linking up to #dreamteam x