Tuesday, 6 September 2016

The school adventure begins...

I could tell the children were super excited to get back to school when they actually asked me if they could do some spellings the day before they were due back!

Finally the morning came - Chick 4 was dressed for school by 6:30am. He had a valiant try and dressing himself! 

A slightly more well presented version. 

I smiled when he told me what he wanted to be when he was older. Made me think of Indiana Jones :)

Oh dear... for some reason this is the only one I have of Chick 6!! eh hem.

Getting a photo of the two of them together was almost impossible. Big sister was feeling rather grumpy.

I started getting all emotional as I watched them in the school yard together. He looked so grown up and yet still so tiny in his brand new, slightly baggy clothes. 

Both G and I were emotional wrecks as we watched him wave us a happy goodbye and march into the classroom, no second glance over his shoulder. We couldn't be prouder of his can-do spirit. 

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