Thursday, 20 October 2016

Dinosaur Party

This month our little man turned 5!! Can't quite believe I'm writing that. Where did the last 5 years go? This year, when I asked him what kind of theme he'd like to have for his party, he definitively said - dinosaur. He's really into archaeology/palaeontology at the moment. So when he said that's what he wanted, I was really excited to plan something fun.

Here is the little smasher the morning of the party. -

He has been counting down the days until his party for about 6 months now. So he was totally made up when it was finally the day. His main present was a wooden knights and castles set (not dino themed - but he loved it), and he also got a few other explorer/dinosaur related things.

Before the party started, we took him on an adventure in the local park so he could try out his new explorer outfit and compass.

At home, while the kids played at the neighbours house, I got all set up for the party.

Gift Bags

I decided to forgo the traditional sweet filled party bag, and go for a playdough, cookie cutter and dino gift bag this time. I will post a recipe tutorial for the playdough I made soon.

Bones Excavation

For this activity, I made some 'bones' using salt dough, then traced around some of them to put next to the tough tray so that the children could try and find as many of the bones as possible.

Egg Hunt

The kids also had a little dinosaur egg hunt. I'd hidden those self-fill easter eggs around the garden with little mini dinosaur toys inside which they were allowed to keep and take home at the end of the party.

After dinner we had a game of pass the parcel and finished watching 'the good dinosaur' while the parents came to collect their children.

By the end of the day Chick 5 was truly worn out, but he had enough energy to have a little dig at one with one of his excavation kits.

5 reasons I love this little guy:

1. He's so full of love for everyone. He makes people feel really good when he's with them, for example while walking past a builder one day he called out 'good morning - you're doing a really great job', or when he saw my sister one day said 'You look really pretty today'

2. He is really great at hugs. I can always rely on him to give a great cuddle. He's the first one to give lots of hugs and kisses and loves to be close to us.

3. He's a great team player. When playing sports, he doesn't give up easily, and looks for ways to encourage his team mates. He naturally praises others and looks for the positive in situations.

4. He has an eye for detail and takes care when performing a task. I noticed this trait about him very early on. Right from a young boy, he would really take a lot of care when colouring in, decorating his cake etc. He never rushed the job he was doing but worked slowly and deliberately until he was finished. If he thinks something isn't quite right, he looks for ways to improve it. In fact this was something they mentioned about him in his recent parents evening.

5. He is a lovely big brother. He loves his siblings and loves to play with them, he'd much rather be playing with someone than on his own. He's really great at sharing and will be happy to allow others to use his things so he can play along with them.

I feel so very lucky to be his mummy. Happy 5th Birthday!!

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