Saturday, 1 October 2016

How to make a Child's Maleficent Headpiece

Because it's October and Halloween will soon be upon us, I thought I'd share a tutorial for something I made a few years ago.

How to make a child's Maleficent headpiece

You will need:

A set of cat ears (or something similar) head band.
A roll of tin foil
Sticky back plastic AKA sellotape!
Black bin bags
A willing and patient child,

1. Using the foil, scrunch a sausage shape into the length desired for each 'horn'. Make sure the base is thicker and gradually gets thinner at the top. Place the sausage shape horns on the ears by wrapping more foil around the shape. Secure it with selotape. Keep building on each horn until you are happy with the thickness and strength of it.

2. Once the horns are in place,  fold over a strip of foil and mold it over and around the horns. I used my daughters head a lot during this stage. I kept putting it back on her to make sure the foil was snug to her head on the front and back. I used copious amounts of tape at this stage!

3.Once the headpiece had been shaped to the right size. I cut strips of the biun bag up and began taping it around the headpiece.

4. I then covered an old broom with more bin bags and taped on some twigs and one of those sparkly balls to create the Malificent staff. 

There you have it - a malificent outfit - 


Stiking a pose!

All ready for trunk or treat...

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