Thursday, 24 November 2016

bottle top art

I have this mad obsession with keeping junk. Boxes, scraps of colourful paper, stones... you name it! This year, in the run up to Christmas I've been trying to be a bit more ruthless when de-cluttering the house. Each day I try and attack a different cupboard or drawer in the vain hope that I'll stay on top of it next time. The problem I have is - I'm a hoarder. I think I'll find uses for everything. 

As I was re-organising the craft cupboard this week, I came across a drawer full of different coloured bottle tops. This is the kind of thing that drives Pappa Bird crazy. I tell him there is a point to keeping them and that they will get used for some craft or another. But the truth of it is, it's been ages since I got these out. See here for the last time they were used.

So, as I was looking through them, I put them on the table in the kitchen and chick 2 came over and started arranging them on the table. I came over and joined him and we started to come up with different pictures and patterns using the bottle tops.

What do you think? 

Because it's almost December...

You could even get a large piece of card and glue the patterns down. Or use them to create a collage of the first letter in the child's name. 

oooh... now the ideas are really flowing. I might need to follow this up with some more bottle top play/art again.