Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Christmas Sensory Tub

A few days ago, I decided I couldn't wait any longer and got the Christmas decorations down from the loft. The kids were super excited to help decorate the tree, and it all started quite happily. The Christmas tunes were blaring and it was fun assembling the tree. After a slight hitch where I realised half the lights weren't working and so needed to make a trip to the shops to try and find ones that matched the lights we already had, we finally made it to the decorating stage.
Every year, I have high hopes for a magical experience where children and adults are hanging baubles in harmony. It didn't go down like that. I was so ratty 20 minutes in "no.. don't stand on them they'll br...too late" , "ok, I think 5 baubles on that one branch is fine... no more ... I mean it!" "No... dont tangle the beads I just spent the last 20 minutes untangling!!" . It goes on. Needless to say, I put a Christmas movie on for the children while I re-arranged the ornament/decorating situation.

My current daily battle is with my 2 year old, who insists on crawling under the tree or pulling off the decorations he can reach. Cue...

The Christmas Sensory Box.

I put a range of things in to make it as enticing as possible (and to hopefully preserve the main tree in the living room).

A mini Christmas tree,
white wool padding,
sparkly pipe cleaners,
and a layer of black rice to make the colours pop!

It ended up that he was more interested in filling and emptying up the bowl with the rice than decorating the tree.

And of course ended with him sitting in said sensory box (what is it with toddlers and sitting in boxes??) 

In addition to decorating the tree, there are other activities that could be drawn from a sensory box like - colour sorting, counting objects, capacity (filling and emptying different sized containers with rice).

Here's hoping this little box of Christmas bits will keep his little hands busy enough to preserve the big tree!


  1. Love the black rice idea to make colours stand out, but also as another tactile resource x

    1. Thank you, I'd made it when I was doing a fireworks sensory box and was able to re-use it again. It's very multi-purpose!