Friday, 11 November 2016

empty spice jar play

Over the last few weeks, I've felt an incredible urge to go through the house and clear out the clutter in the run up to Christmas. Is anyone else feeling like it's getting stupidly close now?!

One of the places I started clearing out was the cooking cupboard. As I was looking at the spices shelf I was flabbergast at how many empty jars I had accumulated! There were 7 in total! Whaaat? I really need to learn to throw as I go. Or recycle in this case.

I had them sitting out on the side and along tootled Chick 2. He became engrossed in turning the lids, taking them off and putting them back on. Opening and closing the caps and re-arranging them. I quickly realised, that as simple as it was, this was actually a really helpful exercise in helping his fine motor skills.

His play later progressed to the floor, where I quickly realised he might need a towel down to play when he started stacking them on the tile floor and they would come crashing down signalling a breakage.

I was busy doing the laundry and managed to grab my camera to take this one before it went tumbling.

It was really interesting watching his investigation of the jars move from turning the lids, to stacking, to hiding them and discovering them inside the towel, then finally he went and collected all his kitchen play and began incorporating it into his 'food' imaginative play.

It's really quite wonderful watching a toddlers creativity with something as simple as herb jars. This exercise reminded me how important play is in helping children to learn and assimilate understanding of the world around them.

I had to take a few photos and send them to the hubby to re-assure him that my hoarding tendencies do sometimes have their uses!!

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