Saturday, 5 November 2016

Firework Painting

We celebrated Bonfire Night this year with our lovely next door neighbours. It was a fizz-wopping night with plenty of big bangs, sparklers, "ooh's" and "aaah's" and a hearty hot chocolate to finish it all off. 

To keep the three little chick's busy for a few hours today I put out a VERY easy, quick clean up activity using the following materials - 

- dark card/think paper.

- metallic/sparkly paint in various colours

 - empty egg tray

- cotton buds

I haven't used cotton buds to paint with before, but they actually worked really well. I used them today as I couldn't find enough paintbrushes.

They absorbed the paint nicely, but also meant that they couldn't use too much at a time on the small pieces of paper.

It was also was good for the younger two's fine motor control as they are harder to grasp and so they needed to apply a fine pincer grip to hold them.

Chick 2 was very pleased with his ones :)

Chick 6 spent a lot longer on her ones making sure they were just right, whilst the boys went through about 10 squares each!

When we ran out of dark paper, I used some red paper so they could have a go at painting a bonfire :)

Once we'd finished with the painting, it was a really quick clean up job - the egg carton box and cotton buds went in the bin. No washing out jars or brushes this time! Winner winner chicken dinner.

They all fitted together nicely to make a lovely fireworks display :)

The next event/occasion that the kids are going to start asking me the 'how many days until...' question is CHRISTMAS!! 

50 days kids. 50 flipping days!! 

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