Friday, 11 November 2016

why a 10 minute job takes all day when you have children

So I just thought I'd share why some times it feels like getting the simplest of things done in a reasonable amount of time is impossible when you have children.

Here is what happened to me one Saturday morning...

8am start straightening my hair, half way through hear Chick 5 yelp in pain.

Run through to find he'd sat on the spikey bit of his toy castle. As I am reassuring him, notice his foot has got something brown and sticky on it.

"What's that?" I ask warily

"Mud or poo?" He replies innocently.

Sniff test reveals it's the latter. He's been playing out in the garden barefoot and trodden in next doors dratted feline faeces.

I spend 15 minutes anti back cleaning his feet and everywhere he's walked in the house.

Back to straightening my hair. 10 minutes later, Chick 2 walks in eating sweets. Stop straightening to discover Chick 5's found a stash of sweets and has (very kindly) been sharing them out for breakfast.

Finally finished hair. After breakfast, half way through washing up, discover Chick 5's now outside spraying the water hose everywhere and Chick 2 has wet himself. I bring him in and remove his wellies, one of them tips over and the wee starts gushing onto the kitchen floor. Chick 5 who has just followed me inside, obliviously stands in wee puddle almost slipping over.

This all sounds quite comical, but even as I've written this I've stopped twice - first time to stop Chick 2 spraying antibac down the toilet. And second time finding out Chick 5 had blocked the upstairs toilet with an over zealous bottom wiping session.

Now depending on how much sleep I have had the night before a morning like this, really does dictate how I respond to these various interruptions. Generally I'm a bit of a grump and the whole experience really winds me up. However, I know that on the days that I've been able to see the funny side of these situations it becomes so much easier to deal with and we laugh about it. 

It really is a game of two halves in parenting. Some days we laugh, some days we cry.

Here are a few funny quotes to help you have a laughing kind of day...

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Image result for funny parenting quote

Have a great day... and even if you don't, there's always bedtime to look forward to.

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