Saturday, 10 December 2016

Beads 'n Baubles Exploration Tray

This week has absolutely flown by!! For once, I actually feel like I'm on top of Christmas preparations. Perhaps I shouldn't jinx myself. Christmas cards are written and sent. Christmas prezzies are all bought, just need wrapping and the Christmas food and drinks stash is beginning to look pretty respectable!! Yay!!

Chick 2 has been so good this week at chatting away to me as we've been making shopping trips and helping me out at home. One day he found the collection of wooden tubes in the craft cupboard, so we decided to turn them into a bit of Christmas exploration box. I popped the beads and baubles from the table decorations into a tray with the tubes. Bob's your uncle - a toddler exploration box!

It really was as simple as it looks.

We used the tubes to thread the beads through and made a giant necklace and then spent time balancing the baubles on the top. Ok I enjoyed balancing them - Chick 2 enjoyed knocking them down.

It ended up being quite a good maths language exercise. We brought in the language of size - tallest and shortest and I introduced 3D shape words 'sphere' and cylinder.

If I'm totally honest, he did enjoy knocking the towers down as I was trying to balance the baubles. I'm pretty sure they reminded him of the coconut shire as he kept trying to knock the baubles off using other baubles.

The beads make great noises as they're being pulled through the tubes. It's almost like a musical instrument!!

This was is a really simple but effective way to entertain a toddler for about 15-30 minutes with only a few bits lying around the house at Christmas time. If you were going to be really dedicated you could even paint the tubes different Christmas colours. But who really has that much time on their hands. Quick 'n Easy is the way to do it!! 

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