Monday, 19 December 2016

DIY: Christmas Card Games

This year, Chick 6 has been getting weekly maths challenges to complete at home. For her final week at school, she was asked to come up with a game she could play with her friends. It could be anything, so long as it had some sort of Maths focus as part of it.

We talked about the different options she could try making, in the end she decided on a card game - pairs/snap with an added number bonds to 20 element to the game.

Being a teacher myself, I remembered I had a pack of blank playing cards in the craft cupboard left over from a resource I'd made my class a few years ago. (see HERE for where you can buy them).  This game could easily be made by cutting up some plain A4 card into 6.

She started by drawing 10 sets of matching pictures on her the cards. As it's nearly Christmas, she decided to make each of the pictures related to the season. This part really appealed to her as she loves drawing and art so much. She spent a good hour and a half carefully making each pair of pictures as similar as possible.

As I was watching her, I suddenly had a flashback to a memory from when I was about the same age as chick 6. My Aunt and Uncle helped us make a similar game too. We used to play it all the time with them. So funny how life sometimes repeats itself! I got in touch with my Auntie to show her these cards that the kids had made and she managed to dig out the game I remembered us playing all those years ago! I couldn't believe she still has it! (my drawings were the crying girl - perhaps a self portrait... I was always crying as a kid and I did the creepy pink clown)

Chick 5 and Chick 2 also wanted to join in, so I gave them a set of cards to make their own ones too.

Once the children had finished drawing the matching pictures. I showed them how to use the set of number stamps to make a number bond to 10 (chick 5) or 20 (chick 6) on the back of each of their card pairs.

When all the cards had been completed with all the different number bonds we let the ink dry for a few hours.

We then had a go paying snap and pairs as a family. I asked Chick 6 to tell me the rules of each of the game so that when she took her new game to school, she'd be able to explain it to her friends before she played it with them.

I particularly loved the carol singers, nativity and reindeer!!

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  1. Love this idea!! Just need to remember in 4 years time for Pip ;)