Wednesday, 14 December 2016

DIY Painted Paper Chains

Growing up, one of my abiding memories of Christmas decorations was the paper-chained hall way. I wish I could find some old pictures of these masterpieces, but sadly I don't think there are any. As one of 8 children we'd all sit for several hours , sticking them all together then going to measure up the giant loopy snakes to see if they were long enough. Then there was the tricky business of pinning them up without causing a breakage in the link somewhere.

This year I thought it about time we started this tradition with our own kiddies. As most of the decorations in the kitchen are white and blue, we thought we'd stick with this theme for our paper chains.

We started by painting various pictures and patterns onto white paper using blue and and white sparkly paint.

Once dried, I helped to cut all the paper into strips.

After that comes the fun part of sticking the chains together. My kids managed to get it to about 2 and a half meters before they got bored.

There wasn't enough of a chain to decorate the entire kitchen, but it made a nice little feature by our patio doors :)

And it was as simple as that!!

This is a great activity for promoting cutting skills, fine motor, creativity and team work.

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