Wednesday, 18 January 2017

10 Bath Time Activities for Young Children

I don't know how things go down in your homes. But in ours, bath time is an absolute lottery in terms of behaviour. One day, the kids might sit and play really cooperatively with each other (rare occurrence), the next you'd be better off wearing a full body wet suit to in preparation for the tsunami of water that gets hurled around the room. Then there's the squabbling over who had what toy first, the days when one child HAS to sit and one end even though every other night they've sat by the taps quite happily 5 nights in a row.

The list goes on.

So, as you can imagine, I am always thinking of ways to keep this time of the day as stress/tantrum free as possible.

Here are 10 ideas to keep those lovelies happily focused and busy in the bathtub before bedtime!

1. Throw a glow stick party. Give each of them a glow stick and turn off the lights. This had mine absolutely entranced for ages. They loved putting them under the water and watching the light disperse in the bath.

2. Make your own DIY bath paints. Modernly Morgan great recipe for doing this.  -

DIY Bath Paints - easy to make paint that your toddlers and kids will love!  Great sensory play!

3. Alphabet foam letter games. This is a great way to bring in some literacy focus to bath time. For younger ones challenge the children to find a sound by playing 'I spy', or help them put the alphabet letters into the right order. For older ones, you could challenge them to make a word starting with a particular letter.

4. Have a Lego Bath. This idea by Busy Toddler is so simple and yet is a great way to use every day toys in new ways.

LEGO BATH: A toddler bath time activity

5. Sing your favourite rhymes using props. Have a really bubbly bath and hide a few water proof toys to represent the songs in the bath bubbles. I asked each of the children to take it in turns finding a toy and guessing the song - we had a sheep(baba black sheep or little bo peep), elsa figure (frozen songs), brick (the wise man built his house upon a rock or bob the builder!), mini teapot  (I'm a little tea pot). You get the idea.

6.  Domino counting game. Practice counting and number recognition with this activity made with a few pieces of foam from Toddler Approved .

Toddler Approved!: 75+ Math Activities from The PLAY Group:

7. Set up a bath cafe - This looks like a lovely idea which I am yet to try out with my kiddies from Inspire Imagination through creation.
The Bath Cafe - fun bath time play ideas:

8. Frog Pond Bath - This is a super fun idea from Mama Pappa Bubba which I can imagine singing songs like '5 little speckled frogs' as we played.

IMG 9805

9. Outter space Bath. This idea from Growing a Jeweled rose looks absolutely amazing.

10. Make a Bath hoops game for the bath.
Ball Hoops made from pool noodles - use them in the bath, on back of doors, on walls around the house, outside, anywhere!  Great for basketball and other fun ball games ( like color sort noodle toss ):

I can't wait to try some of these new ideas with our own children. I really hope they help you find some inspiration for making bath time a little more interesting too!!

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