Saturday, 7 January 2017

When there's no snow, go Insta Snow!

For the last few years, when it comes to snow - it's been a bit of a no show! I don't think Chick 2 really know what it looks like. 

In an attempt to give them some sort of snow experience. I've been bringing out this absolutely brilliant product 'Insta-snow Powder'. You can buy it on amazon or ebay for about £5- £6. It really is brilliant stuff, I can't recommend it enough.

It's just a matter of adding a scoop of power and a cup of water and you watch it before your very eyes growing into what looks like real snow.

It feels cold, soft and squishy and can be kept in a bag for several weeks to be re-used.

When we got it out this time around, the children chose which animals they wanted to use with their trays of snow.

They spent ages playing with it. I'd love to buy enough one year to fill the little paddling pool with it and let them go and dance in the stuff!!

But for now, trays of snow and animals will have to appease their desire for snow play!

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