Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Rainbow sensory box

I'm a real fan of low budget, easy to set up activities for my kids. One that allows me to get on with my to-do list safe in the knowledge that my little monkey is happily occupied doing something I know he is enjoying but not un-doing any work I may have just carried out!! 

One of his firm favourites is the rainbow rice box. All I put in were some random colourful 'spare part' bits - lolly sticks, bottle tops, Grimm's wooden rainbow and some scoops. 

The lovely thing about open ended activities like this is that they can go in so many different directions.

Imaginary play:
He used the sticks as little people hoping down the bottle top path. You could also look at making different shapes and pictures using the resources.

I encouraged him to count the sticks and bottle tops. Moving them around and seeing the same quantity in different arrangements. Then there were lots of colour language opportunities where we matched the coloured sticks, tops and scoops.
Measure: The other wonderful thing about rice, is the way children automatically want to scoop and fill things with it. So we added a few objects - a bottle and tube which he spent ages filling and emptying.

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