Wednesday, 1 February 2017

sea-theme water beads play

Water beads are a brand new discovery I made this month with Chick 2. I'd never used them before, but was really excited to see what they were like after seeing several ideas online. 

What are water beads? Essentially, they are a bouncy, squishy sensory resource that can be used with children of all ages.

Where can I get them? You can find them in a few shops, but the easiest way to get hold of them is by looking on places like ebay and amazon which is where I got ours. See HERE.

I decided to choose a few aqua colour beads into a medium sized clear storage box with a couple of pints of water.

It takes a little while for the beads to expand as they absorb the water. 

It was a great way of helping promote Chick 2's observation, enquiry and patience. He was fascinated watching them go from tiny little hard beads to these large bouncy, squishy balls.

He loved running his hand up and down in the water letting the balls glide through his fingers. Then trying to use the Orca toy to catch the beads in its mouth.

We added a few extra tubs and scoops in the end and he really loved catching them and filling and emptying his box.

When Chick 6 came home from school, the first thing she wanted to do was put her feet into them!! I'd never have thought to do that! I love the way kids think :)

For more ideas on water bead fun have a look at Teaching Mama's blog post - 10 ways to play with water beads.

And even more ideas HERE

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